Retired Beagles

Beagles on this page are not available for purchase. They have been placed in family homes and are for information on past bloodlines only. If you wish to purchase a young retired beagle , please go to Available Adults page.

daisy-img.jpgTinsel of Burnsdale

"Daisy" [ retired]

Colour : Tricolour
Reg Number: 01275- 2008
D.O.B: 23/12/2007

Cherry Eye: Clear
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: CLEAR

Personality and Type

Daisy is a small tricoloured girl with a big personality. Always affectionate and like all beagles is a real “foodie” and has to be supervised when feeding in a group, or she will sneak food from the others bowls.She loves her forest walks and is a keen swimmer. Daisy is a fabulous mother and has energy to burn when playing. She is extremely intelligent and despite her mischievious streak, is fairly obedient, for a beagle!

Lilly_oct_2010.jpgAshdale Georgie- Girl


Colour : Tricolour
Reg Number: 00267-2010
D.O.B: 15/10/2009

Cherry Eye: Not Affected
Current Eye Certificate: Yes
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: CLEAR
Musladin - Lueke Syndrome [MLS] DNA Result: N/N : Normal.

Personality and Type

Lilly is Daisy's daughter. Sired by a larger dog, Lilly exceeds the size of her mother. However, she is beautifully put together with good bone and substance, whilst retaining a feminine head. Lilly has lovely floating movement and will naturally “stack” when out in the forest. But the showring holds little appeal for this girl and I am loathe to push an activity that she does not enjoy. A keen swimmer like her mother, Lilly's happiest moments are running offlead in the forestry block and following a keen scent.


Dunelm Belton
CH Caernafon Jivaben CH Follyfoot Ring Leader
CH Caernafons Mc's Nomad
Bricam Brash 'N' Sassy CH Houndswood Rocket
CH Warander Bold As Brass
Tinsel Of Burnsdale
CH Rivercrest Dymond Strike CH Caernafon Rough Dymond
CH Rivercrest Good Tym Girl
CH Burnsdale Cymphony Aus CH Casalbeau Choirmaster [imp Aus]
CH Rivercrest Dream - Tym - Girl

Barney-BOB-2.JPGBurnsdale Touch of Trump


Colour : Tan and White
Reg Number: 01635- 2010
D.O.B: 15/12/2009

Cherry Eye: Not Affected
Current Eye Cert: Yes
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: Clear
Musladin- Lueke Syndrome [MLS] DNA Result: N/N : Normal
Stud Fee: $1000

Personality and Type

Barney is a lovely boy. He is well proportioned with a nice masculine head and soft voloptuous ears. He has a placid nature and is very affectionate. Barney has had some success in the show ring and enjoys being in the limelight. Being of true beagle character, Barney is apt to “tiki tour” on his own private route whilst out in the forestry block. He can be heard several metres away baying at the rabbit that “got away”. His hunting instinct is strong and he can be seen with his nose to the ground and his tail wagging 90 to the dozen as he goes off in hot pursuit of his game. Despite this element of independence, Barney responds well to voice commands and always tries to please. He just loves cuddles and if I am not careful, I get my face washed by him several times a day!


SIRE Aust CH Orobay Graceful Triumph Aus CH Kislev Gambling Man NZ CH Timbavati Cinnaman
CH Kislev Duchess Kiara
Aus CH Orobay Amazing Grace NZ CH Buckvael Solomon Grundy
CH Orobay Golden Nikita
DAM CH Tuibrook Bridie Aus CH Casalbeau Choirmaster [Aus] Aus & Fin CH Hilldamar The Way To Go
Aus CH Casalbeau Cymphony
Palmcourt Pania Chelseacourt Aspen Song
Chelseacourt Katie

Beaurein Ruby Slippa


DOB: 9/01/2013

Colour: Tricolor

Reg Number: 01327-2013

Current Eye Certificate

Current Thyoid Screen

MLS: Clear

F7: Carrier

Cherry Eye: Not Affected

Cobalamin [B12] Malabsorbtion: Clear