Ashdale Mid Knight Cha ChaCharlie_248.jpg


Whelped : 9/08/2014

NZKC Reg #: 05907-2014

Colour: Black [carrying yellow]

Hips: 0:2

Elbows: 0:0

EIC: Clear

PRA: Clear

HNPK: Clear

Does not carry the Dilute Gene

Does not carry the Long Coat Gene

Current Eye Certificate

Frozen Semen Only


                     Personality and Type


Charlie is the result of an AI breeding and is an all American Boy! His Dam was imported from Australia but is of immediate American descent. Charlie's sire is the very respected BIS Can Ch, Am GR CH Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble. Scramble won Best in Show at the 2015 Potomac in the USA. Sadly his owner, Susan Eberhardt, passed away in December 2014. She has left such a huge legacy through this dog, and so many that she had bred before him.

Charlie has his sires beautiful correct double coat and a beautiful head that is still maturing. A loving nature, coupled with the desire to please, makes this boy a great dog to be around. I am excited about his future and what he has to offer the girls in my kennels.



BISS Can CH AM GR CH Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble [USA]

CH Shalane Fly By Knight CH Tabatha's Knight
CH Shalane Come Fly With Me
CH Saddlehill Don't Be Late CH Delby's Anchor Steam
Saddlehill Bailey 11
 Sandastre Waltzing Matilda [IMP Aust]
AM GR CH Hyspire Shahli Hotter Than Blazes [USA] AM GR CH Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive
AM CH Hyspire Pipin' Hot
Elkens Red Sky Down Under At Sandastre [IMP USA] Oakdales Hot N Tangy at Ansar
Elkens Foxy Roxy



Piper_stacked1.jpg Ashdale Piping Hot


Reg # 01135-2015

DOB: 09/12/2014

Colour: Fox Red [c]

Current Eye Certificate: Yes

Hips: 2:2  Elbows: 0:0

HNPK Clear

EIC Clear

PRA Clear

                                                                        MCD Clear

                                                                        Heart Echo: Normal

                                                                        Does not carry Dilute gene.

                                                                        Does Not carry Long Hair Gene


TO Approved Bitches

Personality and Type

Piper is a happy and energetic boy who loves to play and retrieve. He has a beautiful head, great double coat and expresses the fox red coat colour beautifully. He has good bone and substance and we are very excited about adding him to our gene pool. Piper lives with Lesley and Harold Waterman and their son Joshua. Thanks to them, I have been able to collect his semen and have several breedings on ice for use over my girls


Ashdale Ryding Sky- High
Riorocks Red Ryder At Davikas [USA]
Penara's Without Warning
Centrecourt All Fired Up At Applewood
Riverview Skys The Limit
Roughfield Grand Design
Riverview Forever Jazabelle
Blackfork Cherry Fizz At Ashdale [ IMP USA]
Oakdales Dunbar At Penara
Little River Red Headed Stranger
Windfall's Redbuds At Oakdale
Blackforks Flaming Robin
Flames Running On Faith
Avalons Roman Steelheart


 Chase_4_years.jpgAshdale Chasing Moonbeams


D.O.B: 21/02/2018

Color: Black [Carrying Yellow]

Registration Number: 03386-2018


Hips: 4:2

Elbows: 0:0

Clear Eye Certificate

EIC Clear

PRA Clear

MCD Clear

HNPK Clear

Dilute Clear

Long Coat Clear

Stargardt Clear

Copper Toxosis Clear


Available at Stud to Approved Bitches

Personality and Type

Chase is a full litter brother to our girl Luna and boasts an impressive pedigree of Show Champions. He is a big dog with dense bone and a masculine head, with no sign of coarseness. He has a beautiful double coat and a thick otter tail which wags continuously. Chase loves swimming and has a fetish for carrying branches around the farm in his mouth.


AM CH Saddlehill Struttin In The Moonight [USA]
AM CH Hyspire Darktown Strutter
AM CH Raintree Slippery When Wet
Marshland Shimmer
AM CH Sundancer's Moonlight Sonata
AM CH Saddlehill Driftwood CDX
Windfalls Keepsake Rosebud
Ashdale Not T'Knight Josefine
AM GR CH Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble [USA]
CH Shalane Fly By Knight
CH Saddlehill Don't Be Late
Jancerie Cocoa Bean
NZ CH Berolee William Trigg [IMP UK]
Stormley Am I Bovered




Ashdale Mr Busy Bee


Buzz_10th_December_2020_resized.jpgRegistration Number: 04597-2019

Colour: Fox Red [yellow]

D.O.B: 2/05/2019


Hips: 2:2

Elbows: 0:0

Current Clear Eye Certificate

EIC: Clear


HNPK: Carrier

CNM: Clear

Cystinuria: Clear

Dilute: Clear

Long Coat: Clear

MCD: Clear



Personality and Type

Buzz was one of a small litter of 3 boys, and he stood out from day dot. Always the first one to reach all the mile stones and such a busy wee chap, hence his name. Sporting a glorious chinchilla fox red coat, that is extremely dense , he makes an impressive picture, if he stands still enough for me to take a good shot. His lineage is from a long line of fox red pedigrees that I have imported over the years, so is the result of frozen semen AI breedings. Buzz has a huge personality and has an unrivalled love of life. He enjoys swimming and running over the farm, but always makes time for a cuddle. I am excited about this boy's future and am looking forward to seeing what he produces for us here at Ashdale.



Riorocks Red Ryder At Davikas [USA]
Penara's Without Warning [USA]
Little River Red Headed Stranger [USA]
Penara's Shenanigans [USA]
Centrecourt All Fired Up At Applewood [USA]
Centrecourt Henry [USA]
Centrecourt Martini [USA]


Ashdale Flamin Nora [NZ]

Penara's Blackfork Amazin Cajun Tate [USA]
Oakdales Dunbar At Penara [USA]
Penara's Amazin' Maizey [USA]
Sandastre Waltzing Matilda [IMP AUS]
AM GR CH Hyspire Shahli Hotter Than Blazes [USA]
Elkens Red Sky Down Under At Sandastre [USA]