Kennel News

July 2012

We welcome a new girl to our team from Australia. Sanastre Waltzing Matilda is a gorgeous fox red labrador who is going to blend in well with my red lines.

9th June 2012

Barney gains his 8th Dog CC at The NZKC Benefit Show and is now a Champion. Well Done Barney!

14th April 2012

Dog CC number 7 for barney at The Kumeu Kennel Association White Show.

11th September 2011

Barney gets the dog CC at Huntly and Districts Kennel Association. Only 2 more to go!

August 2011

My 2 fox red labradors arrive from the USA. They will form the foundation of my work with the red gene.


Hound Club of Auckland
Barney wins the beagle DCC


Hauraki Canine Association. Show 2
Barney wins DCC, giving him a total of 4 so far. Half way to being titled a Champion!


The Labrador Club Inc Champ Show.
A wonderful day out with the weather holding beautifully and a great turnout of approx 82 labradors.
Baxter won the NZ Bred Dog class and Benson was back in the limelight with 2nd placing in Novice Dog. Well Done Boys!


Auckland Kennel Council.
Barney placed 1st in Junior Dog
Mickey had a great day. He placed 1st in baby Puppy Dog, got Best Dog, Best of Breed, Baby Puppy of Group and Baby Puppy In Show!
What a clever boy!
His sister Ruby placed 1st in Baby Puppy Bitch and got the RCC Bitch.
A fabulous day.


Waitemata Gundog Club
Baxter has retained his consistency and was placed 2nd in Intermediate dog
Auckland kennel Council
Another 2nd for baxter in the Intermediate dog class.


Auckland Beagle Club Champs.
2 Shows in one day again! The first show was the Alex newton Memorial Show.
Barney placed 1st in Junior dog and Mickey [his son] placed 1st in baby Puppy Dog and went on to win baby Puppy in Show.
In the 2nd show Barney was placed 3rd in Junior dog and Mickey placed 1st in baby Puppy Dog. He was beaten for Puppy In Show by his sister, Ruby.


Kumeu Kennel Association.
Baxter took 2nd place in Intermediate dog in the first show and 3rd place in Intermediate dog in the 2nd show.


Hibiscus Coast Kennel Association Shows. This was a one day event with 2 shows back to back...exhausting! The humidity was incredible in the morning as exhibitors trundled dogs and gear through the freshly mown grounds...taking grass cuttings everywhere! The drizzle gave way to intense sunshine in the afternoon and doggy wet coats and covers in all colours dotted the grounds.

Baxter: Show 1 and 2: RCC and Intermediate dog.
Barney: Show 1: Junior Dog, Dog CC and Best of Breed.

29/1/11 and 30/1/11

Northland Canine Association Shows. Once again the weather was shocking as Cyclone Wilma gave all the campers a good soaking! There was still a good turnout despite the elements and we came away very happy.

Barney: Dog CC both days, Junior Dog both days and BOB both days.
Baxter: Reserve Dog CC both days and Intermediate Dog both days.

22/1/11 and 23/1/11

NZKC All Breeds Benefit Show. The weather was atrocious for the show this weekend with gazebos being blown over during saturday night and the show transferred to the indoor venue on sunday. Despite the elements we had a good weekend with the boys.

Barney: On saturday and Sunday 1st Junior dog.
Benson: On saturday he got 2nd puppy dog. On Sunday he got 2nd puppy dog and RCC
Baxter: On Saturday he got 1st Intermediate Dog and RCC. On Sunday he got 1st Intermediate dog.
Well done boys!!


Daisy's puppies have arrived!!!! Born on 11/1/11, we have 4 bonnie boys and 1 gorgeous girl, all tricolour. Mum and babies are all doing well.
Photos to be added on beagle litters page soon.


Benson had a great day out at The Labrador Club Inc Xmas Ribbon Parade. It was a steaming hot day and all of the dogs were feeling the heat. Benson did very well with the following placings:

  • 1st Baby Puppy Dog
  • 1st Novice Dog
  • Reserve Dog
  • Puppy In Parade
  • Novice In Parade
  • Best Head Dog

Benson's full brother, Rocco, joined in the fun with owners Paul and Gina. He did them proud with 4th Baby Puppy Dog, Best coat and Best 6 legs with the lovely Gina.