Puppy Purchase

Ashdale puppies are available to APPROVED HOMES ONLY. As a responsible breeder I try to ensure that my puppies are going to suitable homes where all their needs will be met and the prospective owners have researched their chosen breed and educated themselves as to the long term responsibility involved.

The price of my puppies is dependant on the cost of producing the litter.

Litters produced from imported frozen semen and artificial insemination are $2750 NZ

Litters produced from inhouse natural matings are $2500 NZ


All of my puppies are wormed every 2 weeks from birth, have received their 6 week vaccination and vet check, are flea treated and microchipped. They do not leave my care until they are 8 weeks old. They leave with a bag of premium puppy dry food, an information pack on puppy care/diet etc, 16 weeks free puppy health insurance with Southern Cross, 6 months complimentary membership of The Labrador Club, a breed handbook and NZKC papers in the new owners name. Copies of both parents health clearances are included in the puppy pack. Hard copies are made available to sight during puppy viewing.

In most cases puppies are intended as "pets only" and as such, are placed on the DOGS NZ Full register, with the endorsement NOT TO BE BRED. This is done to protect my lines [and those entrusted to me by other breeders] from indiscriminate or accidental breeding . The price quoted with each litter is for a "pet puppy".

I often have waiting lists for my puppies so if you are interested in an Ashdale Puppy, please contact me to have your name added to my list. This does not obligate you to purchase a puppy from me but I do expect a courtesy email if you find a puppy elsewhere so that I can update my records and give others an opportunity. Once the puppies are born I contact everyone on my waiting list and update it if some no longer wish to purchase a puppy. Once the puppies have passed the critical first 2 weeks , I request a deposit from clients to secure their choice of colour and sex. This is Non Refundable unless the puppy fails the vet check. Viewing takes place when the puppies are  6 - 7 weeks old and have been vet checked , microchipped and have had their first vaccination. Pick up is between 8 and 9 weeks, depending on whether the 8 week mark falls on a weekend or mid week.

The balance of payment is due before puppies are picked up.


I love to hear how my puppies are doing and I am always available to offer help and support for the life of your friend.

Please make sure that you are in a position to take on a new puppy. This means that you have the time available to committ to a puppy.

Puppy Guarantee

Your puppy has been bred from the soundest parents available through the current disease testing process. Your puppy is guaranteed against inheriting any currently DNA testable genetic disorder or any congenital disease undetected at first vet check that would affect the quality of life for the puppy.

A FULL refund of purchase price shall be given upon presentation of a written veterinary report indicating that the puppy is unsound due to an inherited or congenital disease.


1. Guarantee  on joints is only valid in the context of my advice on diet, exercise and de sexing. A puppy de sexed prior to 12 months will not be covered for joint disease. Current research has shown a strong link between joint and ligament issues and de sexing too early, before the puppy has finished growing.

2. Skin issues in the form of mild transient seasonal allergies that are quickly resolved by temporary medication will be not be covered. HOWEVER, Atopic skin allergies that persist all year round and need lifelong management are included in the guarantee.

3. Eye diseases. All of my breeding stock have annual eye screens with a veterinary eye specialist and are only bred on the recommendation of the specialist. Occaisonally a dog or bitch who has had consistently clear eye screens for many years, may return a failed certificate on a new finding. The dog/bitch will be withdrawn from the breeding program and any issues arising from puppies produced when eye certification was clear, will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


This guarantee does not cover your pup for illness due to poisoning or poor diet, or for injury caused by accident. Neither does it cover your pup in old age [7+ yrs] for cataracts and other age related disorders.

In the case of hip and elbow joints, the guarantee applies only to those dogs diagnosed by a veterinarian with joint problems that affect the dog's soundness, in the form of lameness and loss of mobility. It does not cover a disappointing hip/elbow score which excludes suitability for breeding but where the soundness of the dog is not compromised.

Stud Dog Service

The Stud Dogs I use are tested for soundness and have produced at least one successful litter for me before they are offered to outside bitches. This is to ensure that they are proven quality producers. Visiting bitches must hold all clearances currently required by Dogs NZ in order to register the resulting litter. Currently the minimum requirements are Hip/Elbow scores, Current Clear Eye Certificate, A DNA Profile, and DNA results for PRA and EIC and the Dilte Gene. No bitches will be accepted if they carry the dillute gene. I reserve the right to refuse any bitch on the grounds of poor conformation, incompatible bloodlines or bad temperament.

Bookings are esential and all bitches must be wormed, deflead and hold a current vaccination record before they arrive. Local bitches may visit on a "walk on" "walk off" basis. Bitches coming from further afield can board for 7 days at no charge. Longer stays will be charged out at $10/day. On successful tie, a deposit of 50% of stud fee is payable before the bitch is uplifted from the property. The balance is payable within 7 days of whelping a litter of puppies. A litter, in this instance is defined as "three or more puppies". In cases where only 1 or 2 puppies are whelped, the balance of the stud fee is waived. If the bitch does not produce any live puppies from the mating, then a refund of the deposit is made in full OR a return mating offered. Stud Fee is dependant on the dog selected for mating. Please check out each dog's page to find out the stud fee.