I am so lucky to be where I am today and I have so many people to thank for it.

Thank you to the breeders out there who have trusted me with their bloodlines and have offered sound advice and help along away.

Thanks also to my family and friends who have offered support and help in the form of walking dogs, house sitting etc. And to my long suffering husband, Colin, who isn't really that “doggy” but has laboured building my huge dog pens and “beagle proof” fencing and has spent the odd weekend alone whilst I have been at dog shows.

I would also like to mention those who have purchased an Ashdale puppy from me. Thankyou for choosing one of my babies and offering them a wonderful home.

Finally, I have each and every one of my dogs to thank for being able to persue my dream. Without them and their ongoing love and loyalty, none of this would be possible.